HMC Utility Services

Experts in the installation of LV, HV and EHV underground power distribution and transmission cables, with the successful delivery of many large and complex cable laying projects for high profile clients. We can provide planning/feasibility consultancy, project management and are experienced in working on major projects, including all associated groundworks. The main thing is the EVH, HV, MV and LV cable terminations, jointing and testing. These systems can be commissioned out of hours to avoid interruptions to the daily working structure in companies such as national grid, banks, theme parks, office buildings, hospitals and so on.

HMC engineering capability includes general groundworks (including bunds, formwork etc), structures and bases for fixed apparatus (switchgear, cable terminations etc) and security fencing. Our capability extends to the design and fabrication of new products bespoke to your individual needs, modifying switchgear or overhead power to accept a whole range of cable types should you require it.

Our policy of investment in continuous business improvement enables us to provide the very best specialist plant and equipment available. Much of this equipment, including drum trailers, winches and push-pull machines are of a bespoke design as we will not ‘make do’ with standard design if the complexities of a project call for innovative design.

Recognising the willingness and ability of the HMC team to react swiftly and effectively at short notice, we are often called upon by network owners/operators to safely undertake emergency overhead line repairs under challenging conditions.

With over 25 years of combined electrification experience, the flexibility of our skillset enables us to provide any level of service you require, from straightforward skilled labour, through diverse supply, installation and commissioning, to complex turnkey solutions with full project management. Whatever, our degree of involvement with your project, our aim is to execute electrical works proficiently, safely, on time, to program and within budget to your complete satisfaction.

Cable Ploughing / Cable Trenching & Top Cutting

Cable Plouging and Trenching Services suitable for a wide range of projects including Duct and Pipe Ploughing. HMC has both the experience and equipment necessary to ensure Trenching Projects are completed efficiently and accurately.

We can create trench widths ranging from 125mm to 600mm wide and to a depth of 1.8m.

Our equipment includes:

Cable Ploughing is the neater, cleaner, quicker alternative for installing utilities compared to traditional trenching and excavation.

The soil is cut from the ground and drawn to the surface by the chain and deposited beside the edge of the trench.

Cable Ploughing & Trenching can be undertaken at a much faster rate compared to excavators.

Land Reinstatement

Land reinstatement means returning a site back to a landscaped environment and often requires working with nature and landowners in a sensitive and considered way. Whether planning conditions clearly state the landscape design, or the landowner or farmer requires land back to enable production to recommence, HMC can undertake the practical delivery of such tasks due to the history associated with the directors family farming background.

Mediation between landowners, neighbours and the site managers is common place to ensure the long term objectives are met and that the landscape is returned to it’s original state prior to works.


Loosening and breaking up soil at depths below the level of a traditional plough, disk harrow or rototiller. Most tractor mounted cultivation tools will break up and turn over surface soil to a depth of 12 – 20 cm, while a subsoiler will break up and loosen soil to twice those depths. HMC will subsoil the working strip upon the completion of all cable installation works.

Draining Requirements

The location of springs, wells, cesspools, septic tanks or land drains and in particular any deep land drainage system. We will make a record, which may include photographs, of any land drains disturbed and the replacement or reconnection work carried out.


Following excavations or similar groundwork, seeding takes place to both protect and bind the soil together. Using a fast growing land reinstatement mixture gives quick coverage, which will help minimise soil erosion and reduce nutrient loss from the disturbed earth. Once established the same binding root action of the grasses can help reduce the impact of surface water until the natural drainage is restored within the soil structure.


All types of agricultural fencing can be installed to meet all land reinstatement requirements, including:

In England and Wales the Hedgerows Regulations 1997 are intended to protect important countryside hedges from destruction or damage; HMC can reinstate any hedgerows affected by works.

Cable Pulling

Cable Laying & Cable Pulling Equipment enables the installation of LV-HV-EHV power cable, fibre optic cable, telecoms cable into cable duct or cable trench.

Our works range from a single cable pull to multi circuit installations whether it be refurbishment or new installation works, no task is too small or too large.

With our in house labour of electricians, jointers and groundworkers, we can offer our client a full installation package which consists of:


We undertake ground stabilisation via our partner DCM Roadways.

Waterway Clearance

HMC specialise in waterway clearing and the removal of dangerous riverside trees and vegetation.

Tree, vegetation and debris in rivers and waterways can be a major cause of flooding, as well as endangering wildlife.

We have many years experience and use specialist machinery for removing clearing waterways and rivers.

All waterway clearing is carried out with Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance.